Happy 2018! We're still clean,sober and touring! Info and Update!

Happy New Year to all the Addict Comedy Tour fans! Hopefully your 2018 is off to a fun and safe start. Here you will find an update on what Kurtis, Andy, and Mark are up to, and how to book/contact us for your events in the coming year.

Mark will be returning as an integral part of the tour and we couldn’t be more excited. With 25+ years experience as a stand-up comic, Mark paved the way performing stand-up for people in Recovery. Mark remains as busy as ever, in addition to the Addicts Comedy Tour, Mark will be performing in Mississippi, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, and Ohio, as well as in California. Despite being as sharp as ever on stage, Mark is beginning to show his age, sometimes combining Hawaiian shirts with exercise pants. Check out Mark’s website at http://marklundolhm.com

1984 marked the beginning of both Kurtis Matthews’ comedy career and journey in recovery. Kurtis, along with Mark is a founding member of the Addicts Comedy Tour. Aside from being a hilarious comedian, Kurtis in an avid hockey fan. His incessant posts about his favorite team (The Sharks) makes following Kurtis on social media a most entertaining and confusing ordeal.

After hitting the Narcotics Anonymous Convention in CA this month, Kurtis will be taking the tour to multiple states, including Texas, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and more. Is your city on the list? Check here: http://recoverycomedy.com/calendar.html

Andy is the newest member of the Addicts Comedy Tour. Kurtis and Mark thought it’d be a good idea to have a comic on the tour who’s young enough not to have seen the series finale of  M*A*S*H. Andy will be performing at NA conventions in Washington and California in March, and performing with Kurtis in North Carolina and South Carolina this summer. Be sure to check out these shows if you are in the area. More tour dates and details can be found on his website: http://andygold.org/

So far, Addicts Comedy Tour is coming to the following cities:

02/22/18, Indianapolis, Morty‘s Comedy Joint (Matthews,Gold)

02/24/18, Louisville, Comedy Caravan (Matthews,Gold)

04/10/18, Dallas, Hyenas Comedy Club (Lundholm, Matthews, Gold)

04/11/18, Austin, AFS Cinema (Lundholm, Matthews, Gold)

05/06/18, Washington D.C., Bier Baron Tavern (Matthews,Gold)

05/19/18, Colorado Springs, Stargazers Theatre (Matthews,Gold)

05/20/18, Denver, Improv Comedy Club (Matthews,Gold)

07/10/18, Charlotte, Comedy Zone (Matthews,Gold)

07/11/18, Greenville, Comedy Zone (Matthews,Gold)

Check the website for ticket links or email us!

Don’t see your area listed in the dates above? You can book us directly, provide a venue, or invite us to a recovery event by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page: http://addictscomedy.com/