Addicts Comedy Thanks Indiana and Ohio! Ride the Red Horse!!

What's up, readers?!?!?! Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour Blog, your #1  source for sober-fun gossip & behind-the-scenes fun in recovery with your favorite drug- and-alcohol-free, addiction-and-recovery comedy bromance team: Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm. Allison Phelan here, your all-time favorite ACT-blog writer & your dearest new BFF for this issue. How have you all been, friends?!?! Leap-yearing ahead into Spring, are we? Get it?!? HA! Me too: leaping ahead. Lots of growth, bloom, change, fun & forward progress!! But in this issue we're actually going to be leaping BACK, so we can take a look at what just transpired in this last phenomenal round of the February tour. Sadly for myself & for everyone on the tour, I couldn't come along this time. But, OH the stories I have heard. Let's delve in, shall we?

First stop for Mark, Kurtis & David Wilmore, ACT's amazing sound & tech-support guru, was Indianapolis, where Mark says it was an "early show on a Sunday night & they had Saturday night energy." Nice! Way to rally, guys & gals. Next stop was Columbus, OH, where Mark reports that the show was "sold out before we even got into town, so the energy was thru the roof…& it's a three-story building." Wow! Let’s raise it! This was also where, according to Kurtis & David, the other two traveling musketeers of ACT, the absolute TOP moment of this round of the tour took place. Kurtis explains: "The best moment was when we kicked off the introduction music in Columbus. Everything was perfect. People are crazy. I walk out there & I KNOW it's gonna be a good show. Then David grabs the mic & says 'Hello Omaha Funny Bone!!" Wait a minute. Omaha? Omaha?? HA! LOL. Perfect fumble. Next stop was Cincinnati, where the crowd went wild as Kurtis said "Welcome to Wooster (Wuhster), Ohio, where the cows go 'muh," then again when Mark told everyone that, "Allison asked me if I wanted a selfie stick for my birthday, ‘hint, hint.’ I told her I've had a selfie stick since I was born." Of that show, Mark also says that, "It was a brand new club that really doesn't have an audience yet, and we still had almost 200 people. Huge kudos to THEM." The next & final stop of the February leg of this funny recovery, anonymous fun tour was Dayton, OH, where Kurtis reports that the "hotel was crappy outside of Cincinnati -- we saw 7 bed bugs check out." Well...good! Of the actual show here, Mark reports: "The room was full. It was the last night of the tour, which is an odd mix of adrenaline & fatigue, but it worked!"

Alright enough about this surface stuff though. Let's dig a little deeper behind the scenes! When asked about other favorite moments of the tour, Kurtis says that: "David had never eaten at a Cheesecake Factory before. He thought it was just for desserts, so, that was weird." So, Mark & Kurtis showed HIM, the three of them going out to a wonderful dinner. Ah, brotherhood. Along the same lines of brotherhood, drug-free fun & drug-free activities, Kurtis & Mark needed new headshots for the press & they actually ended up getting them on the road! I've seen them & they're amazing, taken by David himself, ON this leg of the tour. Where, you say? Well, I'm glad you asked! Right outside a place our boys stumbled upon across the street from a TV segment they were meant to do. This magical place that inspired the need for perfect new headshots was right outside of The Red Horse Motel, a shifty, archaic & quaint little red building with a giant TV antenna, a motel that, by all accounts, was also, according to Mark & Kurtis, some kind of "crack house with Direct TV." Nice work, boys! Really well done. Last but certainly not least, when asked about HIS favorite moment of the tour, Mark Lundholm, gave two: "My second favorite part of the trip was talking about David Wilmore on stage. He's a normal person, not an addict. He can drink alcohol and he DOESN'T. It's irritating to me. I've bought him liquor. I spiked his coffee. I brought him a syringe full of heroin  & a bowl of ice cream. He won't participate in ANYTHING the rest of us would be addicted to." Mark then concluded that his number one "favorite moment of the tour this time was nailing down the new social media bit I've been working on." Nice!!  And...interesting! Interesting because that means that, ironically, all of YOU guys have now heard that complete bit & yet I, Allison, still haven't! Seriously?? Does divine partnership count for nothing?! JK, JK. 100% just kidding. I can't wait to hear it! And if you haven't yet, you should be excited too.

On that note, loyal fans & readers, thanks for tuning in again! We at ACT all love you. Keep an eye out for the next blog & until next time, stay fierce.

Love & Respect.

XOXO, Allison