Thanks Omaha, Des Moines and Minneapolis!! Love, Love and more Love!

What's up, readers?!? Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour blog! As usual, Allison Phelan here, your favorite ACT writer & your tour guide for this bimonthly blog that lets you know what the hell just happened, what's going on now & what on earth is in store in the funny-recovery, sober-comedian, drug-free comedy world of Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm. Are you excited for this issue?!?! I sure am. Not to be competitive or anything but Mark is back home with me now which means that, sadly, he's no longer on the road with Kurtis, David & all of you. So...I win!! Ha!! Just kidding. Mostly kidding. I was actually sad to miss Mark, Kurtis, David...AND all of YOU on this latest trip! And I also feel sad for the boys as they were missing their amazing female counterpart. True story. A screenwriter/playwright has to work though. Speaking of work, let's check in with the ACT musketeers & see how this last leg of the tour actually went!

 First stop of January 2016 was Omaha, Nebraska, for two amazing alcohol-free shows where, according to Kurtis, "Colleen Quinn is fantastic & loves us. They also put Mark up at the Hilton Garden Inn, because, you know, we're ballers. And David & I could actually stare into his room from our hotel across the street & give him the finger." Nice! About Omaha, Mark also said, "Loyal town. Amazing club. Best owner in the country: Colleen Quinn. We call her CQ. The weather didn't help us the second night. Big snow. Small crowd." So let's give it up for Colleen Quinn, people! She sounds like a classy broad to me, also my new Facebook friend. Whoop, whoop! Thanks for the add, CQ. Anyway, next stop was Des Moines, where, according to Mark, "The crowd was rabid but the room was half full. Fun & funny, but all the democratic candidates were speaking that night & it was really hard to draw people away from all the politics." Kurtis added that "Our hotel was right next to where Ben Carson was staying. We saw his tour bus...but Ben Carson was in the back of his own tour bus. What's up with that??" Last but certainly not least, our sober-stand-up team trio stopped in Minneapolis, where Mark says the show "sold out before we even got to town: 360 people, & the House of Comedy became the House of Recovery. Large crowd. Large hearts. Large laughs." David Wilmore, ACT's awesome & hilarious sound & tech-support guru, chimed in that "The most memorable thing I would have to say would be the crowd in Minnesota. They were sooooooo awesome & so into the show, definitely one of our most lively audiences on the tour so far..." Kurtis' final note on that show was that "It was so good it was stupid!"

So that's the word on the shows, but we all know why you guys REALLY read this blog. Come on, don't be shy. I know what you want: gossip!! The backstage, behind-the-curtain deets...right?! Am I right?! You don't have to tell me. I know I am. So, this is what I could get out of our guys about their favorite behind-the-scenes stuff on the road with ACT. Kurtis says: "The car rides are fun: yelling at each other in the car...insulting each other. David & I like yelling racial epitaphs at each other for no reason, so that's fun. Then Mark, who I honestly think had four really great shows this trip, likes to chime in with things that don't relate to anything." He also added, "And I really enjoy the smells of 3 men on the road who haven’t been eating well." Ew! Blegh! Boys club. Vomit. Kidding! Actually not really kidding. Meanwhile, Mark reports on "the miles we put in in the cars between cities: the downside is that it's a lot of miles. The upside is that that crew is so tight: David, Kurtis & I -- so it goes by fast & it goes by funny. You know that series Fast & Furious? Well our movie could be described Far & Hilarious." Nice! Did you guys hear that? Aside from the clever play on words that Mark is a master at, that's the "aww"-inspiring sound of rock-solid, everlasting bromance! It’s always in the air with these guys. BTDubs I would DEFINITELY watch that movie. Hey! Maybe I'll even write that movie. Mark, can I write about that??

On that note, loyal readers & fans, back to my other work! Until next time:

Stay fierce. Love & respect. XOXO, Allison