Get Ready 2016, Omaha, Des Moines and Minneapolis!

What's up, readers?! Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour blog! Allison Phelan here, your favorite ACT-blog writer & your #1 source for behind-the-scenes, drug-&-alcohol-free ACT gossip, funny recovery & anonymous fun! First off, I’m feeling a little abandoned because we literally haven’t spoken all year, people. All year! Way to ditch me! I forgive you, though. Forgiveness is the key. As Mark says, "We forgive them so that we don't become them." How true is that? I say very. I also say: Happy New Year! I hope you're feeling new & hopeful & I hope it lasts at least a few more months. BTDubs, I'm on a 5-hour flight across the country from NYC right now because Mark wanted to get rid of me for a few days. Ha! Totally kidding. I, of course, wanted to get away from him. What?! Kidding again! Or am I? Regardless, I'm feeling generous so this post will be a long one.  

In this edition of your favorite fun-in-recovery, sober-stand-up blog, we're branching out & putting the spotlight on some other people besides our all-star addiction-&-recovery comedy duo: Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm. However, don't get your panties in a bunch! After we visit some other members of the team, we'll talk resolutions, which will also include Kurtis, Mark…and ME! See I'm a millennial, which means I NEVER forget me. Right, Mark, honey?? But first, let's introduce the amazing tour manager, business agent, scheduler & all-around title junkie of ACT: Ron Reid! In the 90s, when I was in middle & high school, Ron, Mark & Kurtis were doing standup together! These guys go way back. Summer of 2015, Ron started officially working with ACT. In his words: "The performers get a reward because they get to get on stage in front of 200 people. I don't really perform anymore, so I don't get that. So, the part I do HAS to be fun…and it is. There's this kind of a locker-room atmosphere, bro-behavior, frat-boy mentality and the thing about that is that you know there’s always love and respect behind everything." Eloquently stated & I definitely agree. Next up, let's check in with their hilarious sound, video & tech-support guru: David Wilmore! In contrast to Ron, David goes on tour with Mark & Kurtis (Funniest. Car rides. Ever. OMG). David has been a member of the Addicts Comedy Tour since 2008 and his favorite part of working with the team is "the continuous laughter that goes on when we all get together. I love to laugh!!!" Another fun-fact about David is that he's a self-proclaimed "Chocoholic." 

As promised, onto the New Year's Resolutions! Ron's “overarching resolution is to have more fun in my life in general, and to have it now, not someday.” David's main resolution is to eat less chocolate. Kurtis' resolutions are fourfold: (1) to "get comfortable with a girlfriend who creepily whispers 'I really love you' while I'm trying to sleep," (2) to "not lose patience with people who don't seem to get that the Addicts Comedy tour is a two-manshow, (3), to eat "fewer ice cream sandwiches" & (4) to generally have "more 'K', more 'Thx' and less 'Bai.'" #KTHXBAI. As for Mark, he says that “2016 will be much funnier." His other resolutions are "to listen more to my partner, to hit the receive button in a relationship more than I hit send, to work a little smarter regarding the calendar, and to give my girlfriend 5 massages a day." Wow! Did he say 5 massages a day?? …Nope!! I just added that! However, all the rest were true. As for me, I resolve to keep taking risks, acting from pure love & learning what it really means to be in an equal, divine partnership with someone as crazy, strong, loving & willful as me. What about you, readers? Got any good ones? Don't hold out on us! Share them in a comment below! 

In other news, everyone is all packed and ready for Omaha, Des Moines & Minneapolis! And when I say “everyone,” I’m hoping that includes all of you. Does it?? That's where you'll next see Mark & Kurtis together again in person. At last! According to Mark, "Minneapolis is like an oasis in the great multicolored north. I've been away for too long! But years and years ago, Minnesotans always turned out for this show, no matter the weather or the way the football season ended!!" So bundle up with all your crazy cold-weather gear, fans, and get ready for some unforgettable & hilarious sober nights out & fun in recovery! Last but not least, as we wrap up this edition which you'll recall gave some extra attention to Ron, David & me, in Kurtis' words, "Just make sure to let everyone know that not only do we have two boring waspy addicts doing comedy, we also have employed a very smart Jewish agent, a black A/V man who is smarter than Mcgyver & a funny and creative female blogger." #PC_IN_2016

Until next time, readers, stay fierce!

Love & Respect. XOXO, Allison