Happy Clean and Sober Holidays from the Addicts Comedy Tour! And some news!

What's up, readers?! Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour blog! It’s your favorite sober-fun writer named Allison Phelan again. Did you miss me?? I sure missed you. First, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Merry Festivus & really just a Merry Whatever the Hell Doesn't Offend You. Speaking of sometimes offensive, let's check in with our favorite alcohol-&-drug-free/addiction-&-recovery humor team: Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm! Side note: when I read the first blog to Mark, he was like: "You put my name second??" True Story. Ah, bromance.

In this holiday edition, I'm going to feed you some general awesome sauce about our heroes, then I'll sprinkle it with the juiciest gossip I can find. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is. First the sauce: Fun fact about Kurtis is that his favorite drug free holiday snacks are fudge & pumpkin pie, & his favorite holiday pastime is "random people singing & caroling," although he added that his biggest fear is “being trapped in an elevator with someone who's singing ‘Little Drummer Boy,’" & that, if that ever happened, he would likely bludgeon the person. So we’ll try & avoid that. Mark's favorite holiday activity is watching an old movie by the fire with loved ones. His favorite holiday snacks are deviled eggs & his girlfriend. And, his plan for Christmas is to do an NA Narathon & his girlfriend. How about that for fun in recovery?

In other news, women’s ACT & “First Thought Wrong” shirts are now available, & they’re as adorable & as tight as you want them to be. I wear mine when Mark & I play this game where I'm his biggest fan. And don't forget: you'll see our guys in January 2016 when they hit Omaha, Des Moines & Minneapolis. According to Mark, Omaha is "home to the BEST friend to stand-up comedy in this country: Colleen Quinn, AKA, 'CQ'...the first club owner to let me headline. Ever." And, both shows in Omaha are alcohol free and are sure to be a great sober night out! Next it's onto Des Moines, "The heartland of the U.S.," where Kurtis says, "The Funny Bone managers are always so nice to us." In the meantime, fans, don't worry; I can assure you Mark & Kurtis are longing for each other just as much as you're yearning to see them together again too. 

Anyway, a few final fun facts: for Christmas, Kurtis & his girlfriend, both whom I'm still waiting to have a game of the twister with, are fleeing the coup & likely headed to Florida for the warm weather. Lucky birds! Then for NYE, Kurtis will be performing for inpatients at The Meadows in Arizona. Kurtis was fast to add that "Mark was the first pioneer of Recovery Comedy. He really opened the doors for many people to follow & do things like inpatient gigs…which is the most rewarding work." And I have to agree. That's my favorite work to watch. As for Mark & I this Christmas, I'm allergic to pine needles, so we bought a fake Christmas tree, which is really better anyway because it will last forever, just like our love. Does that get a "codependent mating call: Awwww"?? Also, this will be my very first Christmas away from my family & friends in Philadelphia, so Mark & Grayson better make it worth it. Kidding! Probably kidding. Until next time, readers! 

Stay fierce. Love & respect. 

XOXO, Allison