Happy 2018! We're still clean,sober and touring! Info and Update!

Happy New Year to all the Addict Comedy Tour fans! Hopefully your 2018 is off to a fun and safe start. Here you will find an update on what Kurtis, Andy, and Mark are up to, and how to book/contact us for your events in the coming year.

Mark will be returning as an integral part of the tour and we couldn’t be more excited. With 25+ years experience as a stand-up comic, Mark paved the way performing stand-up for people in Recovery. Mark remains as busy as ever, in addition to the Addicts Comedy Tour, Mark will be performing in Mississippi, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, and Ohio, as well as in California. Despite being as sharp as ever on stage, Mark is beginning to show his age, sometimes combining Hawaiian shirts with exercise pants. Check out Mark’s website at http://marklundolhm.com

1984 marked the beginning of both Kurtis Matthews’ comedy career and journey in recovery. Kurtis, along with Mark is a founding member of the Addicts Comedy Tour. Aside from being a hilarious comedian, Kurtis in an avid hockey fan. His incessant posts about his favorite team (The Sharks) makes following Kurtis on social media a most entertaining and confusing ordeal.

After hitting the Narcotics Anonymous Convention in CA this month, Kurtis will be taking the tour to multiple states, including Texas, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and more. Is your city on the list? Check here: http://recoverycomedy.com/calendar.html

Andy is the newest member of the Addicts Comedy Tour. Kurtis and Mark thought it’d be a good idea to have a comic on the tour who’s young enough not to have seen the series finale of  M*A*S*H. Andy will be performing at NA conventions in Washington and California in March, and performing with Kurtis in North Carolina and South Carolina this summer. Be sure to check out these shows if you are in the area. More tour dates and details can be found on his website: http://andygold.org/

So far, Addicts Comedy Tour is coming to the following cities:

02/22/18, Indianapolis, Morty‘s Comedy Joint (Matthews,Gold)

02/24/18, Louisville, Comedy Caravan (Matthews,Gold)

04/10/18, Dallas, Hyenas Comedy Club (Lundholm, Matthews, Gold)

04/11/18, Austin, AFS Cinema (Lundholm, Matthews, Gold)

05/06/18, Washington D.C., Bier Baron Tavern (Matthews,Gold)

05/19/18, Colorado Springs, Stargazers Theatre (Matthews,Gold)

05/20/18, Denver, Improv Comedy Club (Matthews,Gold)

07/10/18, Charlotte, Comedy Zone (Matthews,Gold)

07/11/18, Greenville, Comedy Zone (Matthews,Gold)

Check the website for ticket links or email us!

Don’t see your area listed in the dates above? You can book us directly, provide a venue, or invite us to a recovery event by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page: http://addictscomedy.com/

Addicts Comedy Thanks Indiana and Ohio! Ride the Red Horse!!

What's up, readers?!?!?! Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour Blog, your #1  source for sober-fun gossip & behind-the-scenes fun in recovery with your favorite drug- and-alcohol-free, addiction-and-recovery comedy bromance team: Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm. Allison Phelan here, your all-time favorite ACT-blog writer & your dearest new BFF for this issue. How have you all been, friends?!?! Leap-yearing ahead into Spring, are we? Get it?!? HA! Me too: leaping ahead. Lots of growth, bloom, change, fun & forward progress!! But in this issue we're actually going to be leaping BACK, so we can take a look at what just transpired in this last phenomenal round of the February tour. Sadly for myself & for everyone on the tour, I couldn't come along this time. But, OH the stories I have heard. Let's delve in, shall we?

First stop for Mark, Kurtis & David Wilmore, ACT's amazing sound & tech-support guru, was Indianapolis, where Mark says it was an "early show on a Sunday night & they had Saturday night energy." Nice! Way to rally, guys & gals. Next stop was Columbus, OH, where Mark reports that the show was "sold out before we even got into town, so the energy was thru the roof…& it's a three-story building." Wow! Let’s raise it! This was also where, according to Kurtis & David, the other two traveling musketeers of ACT, the absolute TOP moment of this round of the tour took place. Kurtis explains: "The best moment was when we kicked off the introduction music in Columbus. Everything was perfect. People are crazy. I walk out there & I KNOW it's gonna be a good show. Then David grabs the mic & says 'Hello Omaha Funny Bone!!" Wait a minute. Omaha? Omaha?? HA! LOL. Perfect fumble. Next stop was Cincinnati, where the crowd went wild as Kurtis said "Welcome to Wooster (Wuhster), Ohio, where the cows go 'muh," then again when Mark told everyone that, "Allison asked me if I wanted a selfie stick for my birthday, ‘hint, hint.’ I told her I've had a selfie stick since I was born." Of that show, Mark also says that, "It was a brand new club that really doesn't have an audience yet, and we still had almost 200 people. Huge kudos to THEM." The next & final stop of the February leg of this funny recovery, anonymous fun tour was Dayton, OH, where Kurtis reports that the "hotel was crappy outside of Cincinnati -- we saw 7 bed bugs check out." Well...good! Of the actual show here, Mark reports: "The room was full. It was the last night of the tour, which is an odd mix of adrenaline & fatigue, but it worked!"

Alright enough about this surface stuff though. Let's dig a little deeper behind the scenes! When asked about other favorite moments of the tour, Kurtis says that: "David had never eaten at a Cheesecake Factory before. He thought it was just for desserts, so, that was weird." So, Mark & Kurtis showed HIM, the three of them going out to a wonderful dinner. Ah, brotherhood. Along the same lines of brotherhood, drug-free fun & drug-free activities, Kurtis & Mark needed new headshots for the press & they actually ended up getting them on the road! I've seen them & they're amazing, taken by David himself, ON this leg of the tour. Where, you say? Well, I'm glad you asked! Right outside a place our boys stumbled upon across the street from a TV segment they were meant to do. This magical place that inspired the need for perfect new headshots was right outside of The Red Horse Motel, a shifty, archaic & quaint little red building with a giant TV antenna, a motel that, by all accounts, was also, according to Mark & Kurtis, some kind of "crack house with Direct TV." Nice work, boys! Really well done. Last but certainly not least, when asked about HIS favorite moment of the tour, Mark Lundholm, gave two: "My second favorite part of the trip was talking about David Wilmore on stage. He's a normal person, not an addict. He can drink alcohol and he DOESN'T. It's irritating to me. I've bought him liquor. I spiked his coffee. I brought him a syringe full of heroin  & a bowl of ice cream. He won't participate in ANYTHING the rest of us would be addicted to." Mark then concluded that his number one "favorite moment of the tour this time was nailing down the new social media bit I've been working on." Nice!!  And...interesting! Interesting because that means that, ironically, all of YOU guys have now heard that complete bit & yet I, Allison, still haven't! Seriously?? Does divine partnership count for nothing?! JK, JK. 100% just kidding. I can't wait to hear it! And if you haven't yet, you should be excited too.

On that note, loyal fans & readers, thanks for tuning in again! We at ACT all love you. Keep an eye out for the next blog & until next time, stay fierce.

Love & Respect.

XOXO, Allison

Love is in the air! Coming soon to Indiana and Ohio!


What's shaking, fan & readers?!?! Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour blog! Allison Phelan here, your favorite ACT writer & your #1 source for behind-the-scenes ACT gossip, sober stand up & fun in recovery! How is everyone?!? Did you have a good Valentine's Day? Personally, it's one of my favorite holidays. Why? Whether you're old, young, male, female, single, celibate, polyamorous, power dating or with one special significant other, you get to celebrate...CHOCOLATE!! And also, did I mention chocolate? Anyway, Mark & I spent V-Day together, obvi. Which was incredibly amazing & the BEST ever. Before him, I spent most V-Days wearing red lipstick, listening to Taylor Swift & passionately talking about self-love & modern feminism to the other single-and-happy-about-it masses. Ha! Not kidding. Speaking of V-Day, does anyone remember when we used to give Valentines to all our friends too? I know it's belated but, strictly as friends of course, will you all be my Valentine?? I'd love to be yours.

Anyhoo, let's check in with our ACT team, the whole reason for this blog! If you're feeling a little low about Valentine's Day, no worries! There's a different kind of love in the air fast approaching & it's of the bromance flavor: between Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm, your most favorite addiction-and-recovery, sober-fun team EVER. Let's get excited! First stop is this Sunday, February 21st, in Indianapolis. Then it’s Columbus, Ohio on Monday the 22nd, a show that's already completely sold out! After that, their next & last two stops for this loving month of February are Cincinnati (Liberty), Ohio & Dayton, Ohio, on the 23rd & 24th. About this upcoming leg of the tour, Mark says that it includes "two cities I haven't been to in a long time: Cincinnati & Indi. Columbus I go to every year, for like 15 years. Everybody knows everybody in that room. It's like a 3rd or 4th home. A lot of these people have seen me many times & the show is always new so I love seeing them again." About Cincinnati (Liberty), Ohio, Mark says that it's "Brand new! We've never been there but I'm sure they know what funny sounds like too. A new city just means that they don't know how funny we are yet. It's not their fault." About the upcoming shows, David Wilmore, ACT's sound & tech support guru, says: "This will be my first trip to Indiana. Looking forward to seeing Jeffrey Nance again. He had a nice set last year." Jeffrey Nance is one of the special guests that will be opening for ACT on this leg of the tour. And a little birdie told me that there will be a few other guest comics appearing for these shows as well. On that note, Kurtis says: "We're getting really excited about these cities. Any time we can help new, recovering comics is great...& create this denial that they actually have a career before they relapse and end up on comedy central." Yay!! Exciting.

To change gears for a minute, let's take a break from the traditional clean and sober comedy show stuff & discuss my FAVORITE part of what Mark, Kurtis, David & ACT do: the service stuff. I'm talking about the inpatient gigs, the ones that give a whole room full of newly recovering addicts & alcoholics new hope, humor, awareness & inspiration. Are you crying yet? I almost always do or want to when I see these. For these purposes, I had a chat with Courtney Jackson, the program coordinator at Nova Behavioral, one of ACT’s sponsors for this tour. Our guys are headed there during the day on the 24th. She said "We're excited about them coming back. We have a building with like 90 clients & it was such a positive experience last time. The clients love them and the clients are SO excited. Nothing like this ever happens at our facility. We're county funded & no one usually thinks of us." She added that an ACT visit like this "gives our patients hope. We really loved them last year. That's why we raised the money this year” to sponsor them. Of Nova Behavioral, Mark added: "Very broken family-type histories. Always a fun show that raises spirits and hope. We were there last year and they went nuts over Kurtis!!" Awesome.

Last but certainly not least in this edition of your favorite drug-free-fun & addiction-humor blog, let's give a very warm welcome to the lovely & talented ladies of Valerie Allen PR, who also represents Doctor Drew. When asked how they feel about working with ACT, Harriet Duncan of Valerie Allen PR said: "We are very excited to be working with such a talented pair of comedians! The Addicts help shed light on a worldwide epidemic and are able to find the humor in even the darkest of times. It is our agency's honor to help spread their message" Wonderful! Also, wow!! Between Mark, Kurtis, Laurel, David, Valerie Allen PR, Ron Reid & I, this ACT family is really growing! I come from a massive family myself so that makes me feel...scared, actually. So scared. Ha! Just kidding. A little kidding. As far as you know. To wrap this up, let’s get back to Valentine’ Day for a minute! Mark got me two giant boxes of chocolate on the 14th & if you know me at all, you know that they are GONE now. Mark’s comment on the holiday is that: “Valentine’s day this year was better than Valentine's Day ANY year. I laughed a lot, learned a lot & loved a lot...and that stuff is none of your business, people." Kurtis & David were both questioned about V-Day too but both declined to comment. Interesting. What were THEY doing?? On that note, we'll see you at the shows & don't forget to tune into the next blog for some more recovery comedy and anonymous fun! Until then, readers, stay fierce.

Love & respect. XOXO, Allison

Thanks Omaha, Des Moines and Minneapolis!! Love, Love and more Love!

What's up, readers?!? Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour blog! As usual, Allison Phelan here, your favorite ACT writer & your tour guide for this bimonthly blog that lets you know what the hell just happened, what's going on now & what on earth is in store in the funny-recovery, sober-comedian, drug-free comedy world of Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm. Are you excited for this issue?!?! I sure am. Not to be competitive or anything but Mark is back home with me now which means that, sadly, he's no longer on the road with Kurtis, David & all of you. So...I win!! Ha!! Just kidding. Mostly kidding. I was actually sad to miss Mark, Kurtis, David...AND all of YOU on this latest trip! And I also feel sad for the boys as they were missing their amazing female counterpart. True story. A screenwriter/playwright has to work though. Speaking of work, let's check in with the ACT musketeers & see how this last leg of the tour actually went!

 First stop of January 2016 was Omaha, Nebraska, for two amazing alcohol-free shows where, according to Kurtis, "Colleen Quinn is fantastic & loves us. They also put Mark up at the Hilton Garden Inn, because, you know, we're ballers. And David & I could actually stare into his room from our hotel across the street & give him the finger." Nice! About Omaha, Mark also said, "Loyal town. Amazing club. Best owner in the country: Colleen Quinn. We call her CQ. The weather didn't help us the second night. Big snow. Small crowd." So let's give it up for Colleen Quinn, people! She sounds like a classy broad to me, also my new Facebook friend. Whoop, whoop! Thanks for the add, CQ. Anyway, next stop was Des Moines, where, according to Mark, "The crowd was rabid but the room was half full. Fun & funny, but all the democratic candidates were speaking that night & it was really hard to draw people away from all the politics." Kurtis added that "Our hotel was right next to where Ben Carson was staying. We saw his tour bus...but Ben Carson was in the back of his own tour bus. What's up with that??" Last but certainly not least, our sober-stand-up team trio stopped in Minneapolis, where Mark says the show "sold out before we even got to town: 360 people, & the House of Comedy became the House of Recovery. Large crowd. Large hearts. Large laughs." David Wilmore, ACT's awesome & hilarious sound & tech-support guru, chimed in that "The most memorable thing I would have to say would be the crowd in Minnesota. They were sooooooo awesome & so into the show, definitely one of our most lively audiences on the tour so far..." Kurtis' final note on that show was that "It was so good it was stupid!"

So that's the word on the shows, but we all know why you guys REALLY read this blog. Come on, don't be shy. I know what you want: gossip!! The backstage, behind-the-curtain deets...right?! Am I right?! You don't have to tell me. I know I am. So, this is what I could get out of our guys about their favorite behind-the-scenes stuff on the road with ACT. Kurtis says: "The car rides are fun: yelling at each other in the car...insulting each other. David & I like yelling racial epitaphs at each other for no reason, so that's fun. Then Mark, who I honestly think had four really great shows this trip, likes to chime in with things that don't relate to anything." He also added, "And I really enjoy the smells of 3 men on the road who haven’t been eating well." Ew! Blegh! Boys club. Vomit. Kidding! Actually not really kidding. Meanwhile, Mark reports on "the miles we put in in the cars between cities: the downside is that it's a lot of miles. The upside is that that crew is so tight: David, Kurtis & I -- so it goes by fast & it goes by funny. You know that series Fast & Furious? Well our movie could be described Far & Hilarious." Nice! Did you guys hear that? Aside from the clever play on words that Mark is a master at, that's the "aww"-inspiring sound of rock-solid, everlasting bromance! It’s always in the air with these guys. BTDubs I would DEFINITELY watch that movie. Hey! Maybe I'll even write that movie. Mark, can I write about that??

On that note, loyal readers & fans, back to my other work! Until next time:

Stay fierce. Love & respect. XOXO, Allison


Get Ready 2016, Omaha, Des Moines and Minneapolis!

What's up, readers?! Welcome back to the Addicts Comedy Tour blog! Allison Phelan here, your favorite ACT-blog writer & your #1 source for behind-the-scenes, drug-&-alcohol-free ACT gossip, funny recovery & anonymous fun! First off, I’m feeling a little abandoned because we literally haven’t spoken all year, people. All year! Way to ditch me! I forgive you, though. Forgiveness is the key. As Mark says, "We forgive them so that we don't become them." How true is that? I say very. I also say: Happy New Year! I hope you're feeling new & hopeful & I hope it lasts at least a few more months. BTDubs, I'm on a 5-hour flight across the country from NYC right now because Mark wanted to get rid of me for a few days. Ha! Totally kidding. I, of course, wanted to get away from him. What?! Kidding again! Or am I? Regardless, I'm feeling generous so this post will be a long one.  

In this edition of your favorite fun-in-recovery, sober-stand-up blog, we're branching out & putting the spotlight on some other people besides our all-star addiction-&-recovery comedy duo: Kurtis Matthews & Mark Lundholm. However, don't get your panties in a bunch! After we visit some other members of the team, we'll talk resolutions, which will also include Kurtis, Mark…and ME! See I'm a millennial, which means I NEVER forget me. Right, Mark, honey?? But first, let's introduce the amazing tour manager, business agent, scheduler & all-around title junkie of ACT: Ron Reid! In the 90s, when I was in middle & high school, Ron, Mark & Kurtis were doing standup together! These guys go way back. Summer of 2015, Ron started officially working with ACT. In his words: "The performers get a reward because they get to get on stage in front of 200 people. I don't really perform anymore, so I don't get that. So, the part I do HAS to be fun…and it is. There's this kind of a locker-room atmosphere, bro-behavior, frat-boy mentality and the thing about that is that you know there’s always love and respect behind everything." Eloquently stated & I definitely agree. Next up, let's check in with their hilarious sound, video & tech-support guru: David Wilmore! In contrast to Ron, David goes on tour with Mark & Kurtis (Funniest. Car rides. Ever. OMG). David has been a member of the Addicts Comedy Tour since 2008 and his favorite part of working with the team is "the continuous laughter that goes on when we all get together. I love to laugh!!!" Another fun-fact about David is that he's a self-proclaimed "Chocoholic." 

As promised, onto the New Year's Resolutions! Ron's “overarching resolution is to have more fun in my life in general, and to have it now, not someday.” David's main resolution is to eat less chocolate. Kurtis' resolutions are fourfold: (1) to "get comfortable with a girlfriend who creepily whispers 'I really love you' while I'm trying to sleep," (2) to "not lose patience with people who don't seem to get that the Addicts Comedy tour is a two-manshow, (3), to eat "fewer ice cream sandwiches" & (4) to generally have "more 'K', more 'Thx' and less 'Bai.'" #KTHXBAI. As for Mark, he says that “2016 will be much funnier." His other resolutions are "to listen more to my partner, to hit the receive button in a relationship more than I hit send, to work a little smarter regarding the calendar, and to give my girlfriend 5 massages a day." Wow! Did he say 5 massages a day?? …Nope!! I just added that! However, all the rest were true. As for me, I resolve to keep taking risks, acting from pure love & learning what it really means to be in an equal, divine partnership with someone as crazy, strong, loving & willful as me. What about you, readers? Got any good ones? Don't hold out on us! Share them in a comment below! 

In other news, everyone is all packed and ready for Omaha, Des Moines & Minneapolis! And when I say “everyone,” I’m hoping that includes all of you. Does it?? That's where you'll next see Mark & Kurtis together again in person. At last! According to Mark, "Minneapolis is like an oasis in the great multicolored north. I've been away for too long! But years and years ago, Minnesotans always turned out for this show, no matter the weather or the way the football season ended!!" So bundle up with all your crazy cold-weather gear, fans, and get ready for some unforgettable & hilarious sober nights out & fun in recovery! Last but not least, as we wrap up this edition which you'll recall gave some extra attention to Ron, David & me, in Kurtis' words, "Just make sure to let everyone know that not only do we have two boring waspy addicts doing comedy, we also have employed a very smart Jewish agent, a black A/V man who is smarter than Mcgyver & a funny and creative female blogger." #PC_IN_2016

Until next time, readers, stay fierce!

Love & Respect. XOXO, Allison